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Faith – Thomas Hammann & Phonk D

17. August

Faith …when I feel it, so do you? 2024 and still going… Somehow the world out there is getting pretty strange at the moment. Of course, this is mainly a question of how you perceive things and/or your own circumstances you live in. One’s own view in connection with one’s own attitude to life varies from person to person… millions of times, or actually as often as there are people. It is similar with the truth, everyone has their own. And our truth to this day is that we still believe in the healing power of joy that you share with likeminded people. And where better to celebrate this principle than on the dancefloor? Leaving everything behind for a few hours sometimes is all it needs to clear your head from all kinds of stressful things. If you enjoy the present, you will have a beautiful past in the future.


17. August


Phonk D
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